About Attunement Therapy

Attunement Therapy is a modern healing modality based on some of the most ancient biological principals relevant to human physical and emotional health.

Evolution has wired us to be physically connected with other people on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body, to de-stress and to heal.

Attunement Therapy not only provides the opportunity for safe, non-sexual touch; it’s so effective that it can also re-organise the nervous system so that clients walk away with a heightened sense of self and the desire and will power to seek more physical connection with other people.

The interaction between a client and a practitioner

During a session, the client is invited to briefly explore their current life situation to consider an intention or an issue to heal before physical treatment. This information does not have to be shared with the practitioner. The client can keep it to himself/herself. The ‘holding’ portion of the session runs for 60-90minutes with 30minutes integration time afterward.

Effects on Autonomic Nervous System

The Attunement Therapy works directly on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and realm of our mind we call the ‘Unconscious’. The unconscious mind governs 95% of how we think and feel, so this modality works to help reduce stored fear, trauma, stress and anxiety in our life.

Attunement Therapy is set up with everyone’s safety as top priority. Attunement Therapists are screened and trained in person, and upon adequate completion, are certified to offer sessions. These certifications can be revoked if necessary. Any client can offer feedback or complaints to the Attunement Therapy Board of Ethics who’s role it is to protect the client’s safety. All clients must sign a consent form before commencing a session and all practitioners have agreed to a strict Code of Conduct, Ethics and Integrity.

Disconnection and isolation are the root causes of today’s suffering and pain, and connection is the antidote.

This healing modality is stunning in its simplicity and effectiveness and is easy to learn. Book a session today or enroll to become a practitioner.

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